40+ years of Scouting

Our Troop recently celebrated over 40 years of high-adventure Scouting. Watch this video and take a journey with us through our many trips and activities.


Adventure is a big part of Troop 19 and is evident by the fact that we typically have more than 70 nights “under the stars” each year. 


Troop 19 encourages Scouts to take advantage of Scouting’s advancement program, which includes both Ranks and Merit Badges.


Service to others is one of the pillars of Scouting for Troop 19. Scouting has, from its inception, been deeply rooted in the concept of doing for others.


Troop 19 is a Scout-led troop. Troop leadership starts with an election of the SPL (Senior Patrol Leader) and their appointed ASPLs (Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders).