Troop 19 encourages boys to take advantage of Scouting’s advancement program, which includes both Ranks and Merit Badges. These activities help the Scout have a more enjoyable experience in Scouting. All members of Troop 19 are excited when one of our Scouts completes a Rank. It is a reflection of the Scout, and also of the excellent program provided by our Troop.

Tenderfoot through First Class prepares boys to take advantage of the outdoor opportunities the Troop provides. Star, Life and Eagle requirements focus on service to others, developing leadership skills, and exploring citizenship, fitness, as well as a variety of career oriented options.


Requirements for each rank are outlined in the Boy Scout Handbook. The Scout works on advancement requirements with parents or other family members, with other Scouts and with adult Scout leaders. The Scout can work on their own, in patrol and Troop meetings, and during other Troop functions such as campouts. You must earn ranks in order, but you may complete any requirement for Tenderfoot through First Class at any time.

Sign Off

After learning a skill, you will need to practice so that you are competent in that skill. After you complete each requirement, you will be tested and signed off by an older Scout who is certified or a Troop Guide. Some items like Scoutmaster Conferences and Merit Badges are signed by the appropriate adult. Parents are not allowed to sign off for advancement.

Scoutmaster Conference

You must complete all requirements for Rank advancement and complete a Scoutmaster Conference before the Board of Review. The Scoutmaster conference is used to discuss your goals and accomplishments and is required for each Rank advancement. The Scoutmaster and Assistance Scoutmaster will help you determine if you are ready to go before the Board of Review.

Board of Review

The rank has not been earned until the Scoutmaster Conference and the Board of Review are complete. These steps represent the formal affirmation of the accomplishment. They are not a time to re-test a skill, but a time to discuss what has been learned and future goals. The Board is composed of three to six registered members of the Troop committee (with the exception of Eagle Scout).

After the BOR

The Scout will be recognized in front of the Troop as soon as possible. They will be formally recognized for the rank in front of family and friends during the Court of Honor Ceremony.