Troop 19 is a boy-led troop. Troop leadership starts with an election of the SPL (Senior Patrol Leader) and his appointed ASPLs (Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders). The SPL is in charge of planning, conducting and/or delegating all meetings. This scout is also the leader second to the adults on any campouts. The ASPLs assist in planning and conducting meetings when needed. These two positions supervise and mentor individual patrols. Troop leaders also include a Quartermaster (responsible for maintaining and ordering equipment), a Scribe (who keeps notes of decisions and performs other recording responsibilities), and may include other appointed officers.

The Patrol Leader is in charge of his patrol and has an assistant. Both the Patrol Leaders and Assistant Patrol Leaders assist their patrol to work as a team. They are also required to attend Patrol Leader Councils (PLCs) where they can voice the needs and concerns of their patrol. The Patrol Quartermaster is in charge of making sure that the patrol has the equipment it needs before the campout and restocking the cook box after a camp out. He is also responsible for organizing the food for the campout. Quartermasters do not necessarily buy the food, but make sure it gets assigned within the patrol.