About Troop 19

Our Guiding Principle

To provide our scouts with opportunities for travel, adventure, personal growth, leadership development, and giving back to our communities. Through these opportunities, they learn and apply the principles of the Scout Oath and Scout Law.

Who We Are

Troop 19 is a high adventure Boy Scout troop. We love the outdoors and we are active during every season of the year. In warm weather, we canoe, backpack, swim, climb, and hike. In cold weather, we backpack, hike, and cross country ski. We routinely offer nearly 70 nights a year camping and will travel throughout the Midwest to weekend camp. View more pictures of Troop 19 activities.

We are a 100% boy led troop. Our scouts plan, lead, and organize troop meetings and events. BSA trained and registered adult scout leaders coach the scouts through the learning, leading, and the evaluation process.

Troop 19 provides long-term, year-round opportunities to engage our scouts through the age of 17. Our troop also provides our scouts an opportunity to develop leadership skills outside of school activities.

Parent Organization

Parent involvement and commitment is the cornerstone of our troop. Successful scouts are supported by active parents. Our mission, which includes, travel, adventure, personal growth, leadership development, and giving back to our communities, would be limited without the strong commitment our scouts’ parents.

We have found that Scouts whose parents are active participants in Troop activities stay in Scouting longer and typically get more out of their Scouting journey. There are many ways that parents/guardians can participate in the Troop. A few ways are listed below:

  • Attend a camp-out or special event, many of ours are “whole family” friendly.
  • Coordinate a camp-out or special event with/without the assistance of the Scoutmaster/Assistant Scoutmasters
  • Troop Committee Member – Training provided by Troop
  • Assistant Scoutmaster – Training provided by Council, District, and Troop


The troop realizes scouting can be costly. To help defray these costs and the costs of maintaining our equipment, the Troop has a wide variety of fund-raising opportunities available throughout the year. These include:

  • Annual BSA Popcorn Sales
  • Tri-Shark Triathlon
  • Park 2 Park Run
  • McLean County Fair
  • Gobena Coffee Sales